Zach LaVine about Wiggins, KAT: 'We hope to be together for a long time'


It's an exciting time to be a Minnesota Timberwolves fan as the young, athletic nucleus that makes up the squad continues to improve.

One of those young Wolves, Zach LaVine, sat down 1-on-1 with Sports Illustrated, recently during a youth basketball camp that he put on in Vancouver.

And what LaVine had to say will sound like music to the ears of Timberwolves fans who have suffered through 12 straight seasons without a playoff appearance.

S-I asked LaVine about his relationship with Minnesota's other budding superstars – Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins.

"Yeah you know we're very close. (The) last two years I spent with Andrew, last year with Karl. We've become closer as we've gotten to know each other. We hope to be together for a long time and we're trying to rebuild the Timberwolves franchise. The better we get, we know the better the organization gets, so we try to set high goals."

S-I also asked LaVine if he agrees with a statement Wiggins made when he said he believes the Wolves can win on any given night.

"Yeah of course you should have that attitude. I don't get why you should catch flak for that? When you step on the court you should automatically think that you are better than them or can compete with them. That's at least my attitude. I feel we have a really good team and anybody in the NBA can beat anybody at any time, that's just how it goes. So I agree with Andrew."

A winning attitude and a desire to be around for awhile and rebuild the Timberwolves – two reasons Wolves fans should be happy LaVine stayed in Minnesota.

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