Zimmer after loss: 'We have a lot of soul searching to get done'

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Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said his opinions didn't change much after watching the film of the Vikings 20-3 loss to San Francisco Monday night.

During his Tuesday afternoon press conference, Zimmer said team coaches and players "have a lot of soul searching to get done."

"It was just a really, really uncharacteristic performance by our football team and it's disappointing," Zimmer said.

After the game Monday night, Zimmer expressed disappointment in how quarterback Teddy Bridgewater performed. He said it was really the first time he has seen Bridgewater rattled.

Zimmer acknowledged that San Francisco threw some new wrinkles at Bridgewater, but for the most part he said Bridgewater just didn't execute very well.

"I do not think that Teddy is going to throw another clunker, I've never seen that side of him," said Zimmer. "I think it's more of just an enigma that this happened, but we're going to have to find out and see."

Zimmer also admitted Monday night that his lack of confidence in kicker Blair Walsh could have influenced some of his kicking decisions.

He added Tuesday that he doesn't have any plans to go outside the organization to find a kicker.

"I'm bringing in consideration for him to pull out of this thing and start kicking like he's capable of kicking," Zimmer said.

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