Zimmer on Keenum: 'Sometimes he gets off the reservation a little bit'

Zimmer did not say for sure that Keenum will start this week against the Rams.

Case Keenum probably did enough to keep the starting quarterback job for the Vikings with his career-high 4 touchdown passes against Washington, but his pair of bad interceptions didn't go unnoticed by head coach Mike Zimmer. 

"Sometimes he gets off the reservation a little bit," Zimmer said Monday. "I talked to him about understanding the situation of the game and where we're at, and sometimes a throwaway is a good thing." 

Zimmer wouldn't say if it'll be Keenum or Teddy Bridgewater starting this week against the Rams, but he did note how bad Keenum's two interceptions against Washington were.

"The two turnovers were bad," Zimmer said. "Back-to-back when we got the game pretty much in hand. The rest of the game he played pretty darn good." 

Keenum has a track record of throwing really bad interceptions. Like this one last season against the Bucs, or this one against the Lions. 

“I need to not make a bad play worse. I gave them a couple of gifts," Keenum said Sunday, via ESPN

At the end of the day, Keenum put together what ESPN says is the second-best start by a quarterback in the NFL this season. Keenum also owns the No. 7 game on ESPN's list, and Sam Bradford has the No. 5 game. 

Based on how things have gone so far, it might not matter who starts at quarterback for the Vikings. 

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