Zimmer on NFC North opponents, 'We're gunnin' for them'

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Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer took the podium on Friday after the Vikings' first official practice from training camp. When asked if he feels the pressure from the other teams and in the division, Zimmer snapped, "We're gunnin' for them."

"I'm not gonna apologizing for winning the division last year either, were going to go out and try and get better each week."

Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL and Zimmer doesn't want this year's Vikings to believe the division will be handed to them after winning the NFC North title last season.

"It's all about perception and expectations, it doesn't really matter if they're gunning for us or were gunning for them," he said. "If we play better than them on Sunday, were gonna win."

Many national experts still believes this is the Packers' division to lose.

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