Zimmer on Peterson: If he 'gets his life in order, I'll be in the guy's corner'

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"Hope you don't miss me too much. I'll send you some pictures from the farm."

Those were the closing words from Mike Zimmer at his season-closing press conference from Winter Park in Eden Prairie on Tuesday, according to Master Tesfatsion of the Star Tribune. The Minnesota Vikings head coach is officially moving on to his second season, looking to improve on a rookie season that he said "didn't finish where we needed to be."

Zimmer supports Peterson

Adrian Peterson remains suspended and won't be up for reinstatement until mid-April at the earliest, but Zimmer still supports Peterson as long as the former MVP "gets his life in order."

“I think he would add value to any team, to be honest with you,” Zimmer added, via the Star Tribune. “I think the kid’s a heck of a football player. I just was watching our offensive tape, I was starting to go back right now with evaluating our players and I was starting with the offense in St. Louis, so it was a good recollection on my mind right now of him.”

Zimmer reflects on rookie coaching season

More to come from his 30-minute press conference. Check back in a bit!

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