Zimmer: 'One of the worst defensive performances I've seen in a long time'


Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer didn't mince any words when he talked about the Vikings 37-35 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon.

"It was the worst we have played all year, and maybe was one of the worst defensive performances I've seen in a long time," Zimmer told reporters on Monday.

Zimmer vowed to improve a unit that gave up 37 points and 493 yards on Sunday.

He acknowledged he may have confused players by having too much in the scheme for them, but added the penalties didn't help either.

"We had 11 penalties on defense alone," said Zimmer. "If you're going to have 11 penalties on one side of the ball, especially defensively, you aren't going to win many games. Until you stop beating yourself you aren't going to beat anybody."

The Vikings allowed four touchdowns in the second half, with three of them coming on 80-yard drives. They only sacked Ryan Tannehill twice, according to ESPN Stats and Information. Tannehill hit 27 of his 33 passes for 323 yards and four touchdowns when the Vikings brought four or fewer rushers.

For the second straight week, Minnesota also blew a 14-0 lead.

"Throughout most of the season, the defense has done what they're supposed to do," said Zimmer. "And for the most part, good things have happened. But those things still bother me: mistakes bother me, penalties bother me, selfishness bothers me."

Players said afterward that Zimmer was upset during the game.

"He was livid," defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd told ESPN. "In his position, I would be, too, watching the defense do what we did."

The Vikings (6-9) finish up the regular season at home on Sunday against the Chicago Bears (5-10).

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