Zimmer wants Peterson back next season, plans to talk to him


Mike Zimmer's said it before and he's saying it again.

He wants Adrian Peterson to play for the Vikings next season. The head coach reiterated his feelings to Mike Florio on Pro Football Live on Wednesday.

“I would respect Adrian’s decision,” Zimmer said. “I’ll always be honest with him and up front but I’m gonna try to explain to him the reasons why I would like to him to be here.

“But it has to be a two way street and he has to get his life taken care of — but we’ll sit down and talk, but I’m a pretty good recruiter, too.”

Zimmer's latest words echoed the words he spoke at his season-closing press conference two days after the Vikings' season ended in late December.

“I think he would add value to any team, to be honest with you,” Zimmer said then, according to the Star Tribune. “I think the kid’s a heck of a football player. I just was watching our offensive tape, I was starting to go back right now with evaluating our players and I was starting with the offense in St. Louis, so it was a good recollection on my mind right now of him.”

Peterson remains in NFL limbo until he's up for reinstatement in mid-April, at the earliest. However, the NFL Players Association is suing the NFL on behalf of Peterson with a goal to get the former MVP reinstated as soon as possible.

For more on the upcoming federal court case, check out our story from Tuesday.

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