Bloomington-based Advanced BioEnergy to sell Nebraska ethanol plant

Advanced BioEnergy, based in Bloomington, Minn., says it plans to sell its largest ethanol plant in southeast Nebraska to Flint Hills Resources, the Pioneer Press reports. The Kansas-based refiner has agreed to pay more than $170 million. Advanced BioEnergy CEO Rich Peterson told the newspaper he believes it is the highest sale price for a U.S. ethanol plant in four years.

Fairmont ethanol plant shutting down

Biofuel Energy says it's closing its ethanol plant in Fairmont until the price of corn comes down. The drought that has ravaged the Midwest's corn crop has pushed up corn prices and erased the profit margins of ethanol producers. A plant in Little Falls shut its doors this summer.

High price of corn idles Little Falls ethanol plant

The Central Minnesota Ethanol Co-Op has suspended operations until they can buy corn or sell ethanol at a better price, the St. Cloud Times reports. The Little Falls plant is using the downtime to complete maintenance and other projects, but most of the 30 employees are out of work.

Livestock farmers seek pause in ethanol production

Livestock farmers and ranchers seeing their feed costs rise because of the worst drought in a quarter-century are demanding that the Environmental Protection Agency waive production requirements for corn-based ethanol. The Obama administration sees no need for a waiver, siding with corn growers – many of them in presidential election battleground states Iowa and Ohio – who continue to support the mandate.

Ethanol producers gather in Minnesota

The 28th International Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo, the largest trade show for the country's ethanol producers, is taking place at the Minneapolis Convention Center this week. On Tuesday, the convention highlighted how the ethanol industry is faring since the expiration of a federal tax credit.

Minnesota loses biofuels plant after nearly $1 million in grant money

A company based in New Hampshire that said it could build one of the world's first commercially viable "cellulosic ethanol" plants in Little Falls, Minn., is instead building facilities in Alberta and Michigan. Just a few years ago the state of Minnesota awarded the company $910,000 in taxpayer money.

Study: Minnesotans will pay premium for E85

The ethanol blend is usually cheaper per gallon than regular gasoline, but new research says owners of flex-fuel vehicles keep buying even when the blend's price tops the conventional choice. Why is unclear, but drivers might believe they're making a better environmental choice. The study's author says leaders should consider the findings when drafting ethanol policies.

Is an ethanol bubble fueling a farm boom?

In less than a decade, the fuel has gone from consuming 10 percent to 40 percent of the country's total grain crop. And agriculture experts tell Reuters that's likely a major driver behind rising corn prices, land prices and farm income.