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End may be near for Grand Marais' 'Beaver House'

Health and aging concerns for the owners of the popular North Shore bait shop suggest that change is coming. The shop has been on the market for a little over two weeks. Whatever happens, neighboring businesses and tourists say things will never be the same. Northland News Center takes a closer look.

New zip line above Gunflint Lake opens July 4

The Towering Pines Canopy Tour, near Grand Marais, takes vacationers on a two-and-a-half hour adventure. The Pioneer Press writes visitors will learn about the area's geology, plants and wildlife while soaring about 50 feet above the forest of the Gunflint Lake area.

In Grand Marais, a pattern of older men pursuing teenage girls

The trial and death of Daniel Schlienz, who opened fire in a courthouse after he was found guilty of criminal sexual misconduct, has exposed a rift in a small town where older men routinely pursued girls still in high school. Said one parent: "People knew about it, and nothing was done."

Prosecutors ramp up security after courthouse shooting

Bulletproof glass, security training and armed guards are among the steps Twin Cities prosecutors are taking to protect themselves after the court shooting in Grand Marais. The Star Tribune reports many courthouses were looking to increase security even before the shooting.

Gunmen said frustration with judicial system drove him to open fire in courthouse

The Duluth News Tribune obtained a recording of a phone call that Daniel Schlienz made from jail after two people were wounded in a Grand Marais courthouse following his conviction for criminal sexual misconduct. Schlienz, who died in custody after falling ill, blamed the court system. The county attorney who prosecuted him says Schlienz "stole the story with his violence" and that the real story is that they locked up a dangerous predator.

First bills in Legislature already raising some eyebrows

Bills in the House of Representatives would increase the penalties for attacking or killing a prosecutor and allow county attorneys to carry guns on duty. The bills, from Republican Rep. Tony Cornish, come after a man on trial for sexual assault opened fire in a Grand Marais courthouse.