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October 11 Novak Weather: Severe storms in MN Wednesday?

Another strong storm system is poised to move into the region mid-week.


Oct. 7 Novak Weather: Multiple chances for strong systems to move through

The first shot will be in the Dakotas and parts of Minnesota on Saturday.

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October 4 Novak Weather: Pattern becomes more active next week

A buckle in the jet stream is poised to bring some changes.

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Sept. 29 Novak Weather: Rain and thunder possible Thursday, Friday

Nothing crazy, but storms could pop later Thursday into Friday.

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Temps well above normal with much more humidity on the way

Novak Weather provides daily updates Monday through Thursday.


Sept. 21 Novak Weather: Signs of a significant warmup next week

Fall is officially here on Wednesday, but don't put your shorts away just yet.


Sept. 7 Novak Weather: Perfect through Thursday, then changes

Enjoy it before warmer days return for the weekend.


Aug. 30 Novak Weather: Beautiful, then active switch before cooler days

Novak Weather has the details on what to expect this week.


Aug. 26 Novak Weather: Multiple rounds of strong, severe storms

It's going to be a busy Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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Aug. 23 Novak Weather: Severe storms Tuesday morning; big rains this week

It could be a rumbly Tuesday morning in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota.

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A line of powerful storms could push across Minnesota on Friday

There is potential for a severe weather bust, but if the situation develops appropriately there could be some nasty storms.

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Aug. 12 Novak Weather: More active forecast next week

The forecast looks great (except for the no rain part) for the next five-plus days.