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property taxes

Property-tax warnings hit record high in Hennepin County

The number of delinquent taxpayers in Hennepin County has dropped, but more taxpayers are at risk of losing their properties to pay off their tax bills. Hundreds of property owners owe the county nearly $43 million in back taxes and penalties. The Star Tribune reports the county sent out a record 931 notices last year warning owners the deadline to redeem their properties was about to expire.

ND voters embrace their property taxes

Voters in North Dakoka -- flush with oil boom money and enjoying the lowest unemployment in the nation -- had the chance Tuesday to become the first state to cast off property taxes. But in the end, voters decided to keep the $800 million a year the taxes raise.

Elk Run developer owes $740k in unpaid taxes

Finance & Commerce reports the California-based Tower Investments owes more than $740,000 in back property taxes and fines. For the past six years, Tower has been pushing a major biobusiness park on a former elk farm in southeast Minnesota, but nothing has happened on the site since 2010. Tower's senior vice president claims the taxes aren't paid because Tower is in the midst of appealing its property taxes with Olmsted County.

Legislators hoping to tackle tax relief

When legislators return to the Capitol Monday, they'll have one thing on their minds: tax relief. House Republicans are looking to cut business taxes while Senate Republicans are hoping to get rid of the so-called "marriage penalty." Governor Dayton says he likes cutting taxes as much as anyone, but, isn't clear on where the money will come from.

GOP lawmakers looking to slash business property taxes

The proposal would cut taxes by about 30 percent over the next six to 12 years. The House Taxes Committee Chairman Greg Davids told the Pioneer Press it would be the "bigger job creator." DFL Gov. Mark Dayton hasn't ruled out the Republican plan, but doesn't know how they plan to pay for the tax cut.

Report shows Minnesota property taxes rising fastest outside the Twin Cities

Property taxes are up all over Minnesota this year. But while the Twin Cities area deals with hikes of a little over 3 percent, the increases approach 9 percent in the rest of the state. Some of the biggest increases are in Duluth and on the Iron Range.

Two themes in 2011: Higher property taxes, fewer jobs in local government

Minnesota Public Radio takes a look back at the year and finds two trends in how communities across the state are wrestling with budgets. Property taxes, which have been rising for more than a decade, continue to go up as local governments try to make up for losses in state aid. Many municipalities are also cutting into their own budgets and payrolls to find savings on the other end.

Home values fall, property taxes rise; homeowners ask "What gives?"

The Legislature's decision to replace the homestead tax credit with a market value exception saved the state money ... by shifting the cost onto local property taxes. That's the main ingredient in a mix of factors pushing up property tax bills around the region.

Ely residents hit with dramatic tax hikes confront city leaders

Some homeowners say their property taxes are going up 40 or even 60 percent. Much of that increase comes after the state government cut the Market Value Homestead Credit, and Ely officials say they need to raise taxes to make up for cuts in Local Government Aid

Dayton tells counties no financial relief on horizon

The governor says he's sympathetic to the financial plight of Minnesota's counties, but they should not expect any help from the state's newly discovered budget surplus. Those funds will go to state reserves and maybe to schools but will not restore cuts in aid to counties. That'll keep more upward pressure on property taxes.