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Steve Sviggum

Legislative panel to interview candidates to replace Sviggum on Board of Regents

The three finalists include a bank president, a school district superintendent and an insurance company executive. Steve Sviggum stepped down from the board over concerns his job as Senate communications chief created a conflict. The full House and Senate is expected to select the new University of Minnesota regent Wednesday.

Legislature to select new U of M regent Wednesday

Minnesota Daily reports there are three candidates to replace Steve Sviggum on the Board of Regents. Sviggum resigned March 8 after it was decided his role with the Senate Republican Caucus was a conflict of interest. The joint higher education commission will meet Tuesday to make a recommendation to the full House and Senate.

Sviggum stepping down from the University of Minnesota Board of regents

The Star Tribune reports Steve Sviggum gave an emotional statement at Thursday's board meeting before handing out his letter of resignation. After Sviggum left, the full board still passed a motion that the former House Speaker needed to choose between his job as communications director for the Senate GOP and his seat on the board.

Sviggum maintains regent post does not pose conflict of interest

A group of regents is asking Steve Sviggum to step down from the University of Minnesota's board, saying his other job as communications director for the Senate GOP creates a conflict of interest. Earlier this week, an outside attorney and a lawyer for the regents issued a similar opinion. Still, Sviggum says the two jobs are not in conflict and that he will not step down, at least until the full board weighs in.

Two legal opinions conclude Sviggum must choose between U, Capitol

Lawyers inside and outside the University of Minnesota found a conflict of interest in Steve Sviggum's dual roles as university regent and staff member for state Senate Republicans. The university's General Counsel says when U of M business comes up at the Capitol, Sviggum will have competing loyalties. Sviggum sees no conflict because he has no policymaking authority in the Legislature.

U of M regents panel meets Friday to discuss Sviggum post

Three regents will meet as a committee to discuss whether Steve Sviggum's job at the Legislature represents a conflict of interest. Sviggum says there's no conflict because he has no policy-making authority in his post as communications director for Senate Republicans. The panel will make a recommendation to the full Board of Regents.

DFL leader to GOP: Pay in full for 'illegal' fliers

Senate GOP spokesman Steve Sviggum said the party will reimburse the state for the $47 cost of the fliers, which included links to a partisan GOP campaign site. But Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk says $47 doesn't come close to the handouts' full cost.

U of M regents chairwoman asks for legal review in Sviggum case

University of Minnesota Board of Regents Chairwoman Linda Cohen is asking two attorneys to review Steve Sviggum's dual roles to determine whether he may have a conflict of interest. Sviggum, who currently serves the university as a regent, also recently took a staff job with the Senate Republican Caucus.

U of M to decide how to handle Sviggum's new Senate job

The Pioneer Press reports regents Chair Linda Cohen is expected to announce steps to determine if there is a conflict of interest with Steve Sviggum's position on the Board of Regents and his new job as Senate GOP communications chief. The former Minnesota House speaker insists there isn't a conflict with the two positions, pointing to the board's ethics policy that only prohibits pursing elected office.

Regent Sviggum says university okayed his new job

University of Minnesota Regent Steve Sviggum says board chair Linda Cohen and a university lawyer cleared his high paying new job with the Minnesota Senate before he accepted it. That version contradicts the university's stance that the former Speaker of the House may have a conflict of interest by taking the politically charged position.

New role for Steve Sviggum raises new conflict of interest questions

The University of Minnesota Board of Regents will examine whether Steve Sviggum's new job as spokesman for Senate Republicans conflicts with his Regents post. It's the second conflict discussion for Sviggum, who resigned his teaching fellowship at the U of M's Humphrey School of Public Affairs when he first took the Regents position.

Sviggum returning to Capitol as communications chief for Senate Republicans

Former Minnesota House Speaker Steve Sviggum is the new communications chief for the Senate GOP. Sviggum's folksy style will contrast with his predecessor, the more combative Michael Brodkorb. Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem says the caucus values Sviggum's experience and knowledge of the press.