Sven Sundgaard

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October 13 Weather with Sven: South Dakota slammed by snow

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

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Weather with Sven: First real chilly weather next week?

Before the chilly air, storm systems could bring interesting weather to the area Saturday and Monday.

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Weather with Sven: Temps forecast to remain above normal

No one else was going to talk about snow in Tasmania, so Sven did.

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Weather with Sven: Autumn heat wave; solar and wind energy stats

Temps will rise close to 90 degrees in parts of the state this week.

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Pump the brakes on first fall, second summer comes next week

It's going to be hot for late September standards.

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Sept. 9 Weather with Sven: Hot summers lead to what kind of winters?

Time to slow the roll on misguided winter predictions?

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Aug. 31 Weather with Sven: Hottest summer ever; rainy late-week

Potentially 1+ inches of rain in parts of the state Thursday-Friday.

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Aug. 27 Weather with Sven: Very nasty storms possible Saturday

Severe storms are possible Friday before the threat ramps up Saturday.

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Aug. 23 Weather with Sven: Big rainmaker expected later this week

Early morning storms Tuesday and then a bigger system moves in late Thursday.

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Aug. 13 Weather with Sven: Chilly morning, heat set to return

Temps dipped into the 30s in northern Minnesota Friday morning.

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Aug. 4 Weather with Sven: Potent weekend storm system possible

Heat and a bunch of humidity will build back into the region by Saturday.

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July 30 Weather with Sven: Wildfire smoke worsens; tornado confirmed

Check out where the tornado hit and where smoke will be worst this weekend.