Winona Ryder seen filming in Winona, but was she at Mickey's too?

She's in Minnesota reportedly to film a Super Bowl commercial.
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Hollywood star Winona Ryder returned this week to her namesake town for filming of a Super Bowl commercial.

The "Stranger Things" star has been filming at the Erbert and Gerbert's in downtown Winona, which the sandwich shop had announced the day before.

"Have you ever seen a Super Bowl Commercial filmed in Downtown Winona? Ditto. Should be an interesting Tuesday," its post on Facebook said.

As the Winona Daily News reports, the spectacle drew quite the crowd downtown, with the newspaper noting it's an ad for New York-based software company Squarespace.

While no official confirmation of Ryder's involvement could be gotten due to nondisclosure agreements, photographic proof was obtained.

There was further buzz on Thursday when a film crew was set up outside of Mickey's Diner on West 7th Street in St. Paul.

Once more, this sparked speculation that Ryder was filming at the location, though there has thus far been no visual confirmation of this.

The Pioneer Press did make a nice, albeit unsuccessful, attempt to confirm she was in St. Paul one way or the other. You can read it here.

Ryder, real name Winona Horowitz, is a native of Winona, Minnesota, and has enjoyed a spectacular Hollywood career, garnering two Oscar nominations, as well as winning a Golden Globe for her role in 1993's "The Age of Innocence."

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