City of Minneapolis reveals final cost of President Trump's rally

Mayor Jacob Frey says they're trying to get reimbursed by the Trump campaign.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey says that the final costs incurred by the city as it hosted President Donald Trump's campaign rally at Target Center was slightly above its initial estimates.

Frey sparked the ire of the president when he demanded his campaign pay up front for the estimated $530,000 costs to provide security and street closures for the Oct. 10 rally, which was attended by 20,000 supporters.

On Tuesday, the mayor revealed that the final bill run up by the city to provide extra police overtime, street closure barriers, and other cost came in at $542,733.

The final cost of police overtime was slightly under the $400,000 estimated, at $392,139, but ancillary costs associated with the event topped $150,000, more than the $130,000 predicted.

Frey says the city has not been reimbursed by the Trump campaign and it would continue to seek payments going forward.

The city had demanded that AEG, the booking company for Target Center, should eat the cost of the extra policing required, causing AEG in turn to request the payment from the Trump campaign up front.

The Trump campaign threatened to sue AEG for breach of contract after the financial demand, with the rally ultimately going ahead with no payment being made.

There have been several instances where cities across the U.S. that have hosted Trump campaign rallies have been left with unpaid bills.

Mayor Frey says the incident is forcing the city to reassess how it handles major events in the future, and wants costs incurred by the city to be included in any booking AEG makes going forward.

"The city should not be solely accountable for every one of these expenditures associated with a campaign rally," he said, adding that this should be the case "regardless of the party" or the nature of the event, whether "politics or playoffs."

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He notes that the city contracts with AEG to handle bookings at Target Center, with the city benefiting from the income generated by ticket sales and the entertainment tax.

"If the costs for safety rise considerably above the resources we get for taxation it's a problem," he said, "and it probably says it's an event that's not worth doing."

"We are looking for ways to find a policy that's functional in the future," he added.

The City of Minneapolis didn't have to request similar costs from the Bernie Sanders campaign at his recent Minneapolis rally, as it was held on University of Minnesota grounds. The Sanders campaign told BMTN that it had agreed to pay all costs as stipulated in its permit with the U of M.

The Amy Klobuchar meanwhile said it paid the City of Minneapolis "for all security costs associated" with the launch of her presidential campaign on Boom Island earlier this year.

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