More snow Tuesday, March forecast offers no winter relief for Minnesota

It's been 118 days since the Twin Cities hit 50 degrees.
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It's been, what, like an entire day or two since plowable snow fell in Minnesota?

No worries, more snow arrives Tuesday so some of you snow-starved Minnesotans can gas up your snowblower in anticipation. 

Not funny? Sorry. But it's happening again, only this time the higher amounts – which won't be all that high – should stay in central Minnesota. 

How much we talking about? Just an inch or two for the Twin Cities with 2-4 inches for places like Detroit Lakes, Alexandria, St. Cloud, Brainerd, Hinckley and Cambridge. 

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Another helping of snow is possible Friday with the NWS saying saying a few inches will be possible. We'll deal with that when it gets closer. 

A very cold start to March

The annual March warmup that leads to April showers and May flowers isn't exactly going to arrive on schedule. 

According to the National Weather Service, March is going to start out very cold with potential record low temperatures in Minnesota. 

"Looking ahead, March looks to come in like a lion this year. A very cold lion," the NWS said in a tweet, adding that there is "a very high likelihood of below normal temperatures for much of the Nation during the first two weeks of the month."

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"The good news is that our normal highs for the first few weeks of March are climbing from the mid 30s," says the NWS Twin Cities. "So by the time we return to normal, our highs could be in the mid 40s."

Sometimes these maps with a giant blue blob on them can scare the crap out of people, but because normal temps are generally warming in March, the Arctic blast you'll hear a lot about over the next couple of weeks just means Minnesotans can expect days with high temps in the single digits and teens. 

Here's the 10-day temperature outlook for Minneapolis. 


The average high in late February is around 32 degrees and the average high the first couple of weeks in March tends to be 35-40 degrees, with an overall March monthly average high of 41 degrees. 

If you really want to start dreaming, imagine what 50 degrees feels like. Last winter, the metro hit 50 on Mar. 17, ending a streak of 102 consecutive days of sub-50 temps.

This winter, it hasn't been 50 in the Twin Cities since Nov. 1, which was 118 days ago. 

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