Video: Flooding at Lake Nokomis pushes fish onto running path

A passerby captured footage of the splashing fish.
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The heavy rain that pounded the Twin Cities on Monday had unintended consequences for some of the fish in Lake Nokomis.

Video taken by University of Minnesota employee J.D. Burton and shared to Twitter on Wednesday shows a number of fish splashing in a flooded area of the pathway around the south Minneapolis lake.

While Burton's tweet suggests that the fish in questions were muskies, it's since been identified as carp, which is an invasive species in Minnesota.

Burton noted that there was no route back for them into the main body of the lake, causing them to flounder in shallow water.

It led to some opportunistic anglers heading down to the lake for some impromptu shoreline fishing.

Speaking to FOX 9, a Minneapolis Parks and Recreation spokeswoman said the fish are trying to get "upstream" by jumping out of the lake and landing on the walkway.

If they don't make it back into the main lake, the likelihood is they'll be snapped up by predators, or will die in the shallow waters.

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