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MnDOT is asking people to name its snowplows, and the suggestions are great

Plow Bunyan is an easy one. What else do we got, Minnesota?
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The Minnesota Department of Transportation is listening to Minnesotans who have requested they take Scotland's lead and start naming snowplows. 

In Scotland and parts of the United Kingdom, pun-tastic snowplow names have become extremely popular. Now it's Minnesota's turn to try and compete with the names they've come up with overseas, which include: 

  • Spready Mercury
  • Snowbegone Kenobi
  • Gritty Gritty Bang Bang
  • Ready Spready Go
  • David Plowie
  • Roger Spreaderer

Not bad at all, but we can do better, Minnesota. 

"Time to BLOW US AWAY with your creative and fun ideas for snowplow names! We'll be accepting submissions through Jan. 22, 2021 - and then you'll get to vote on your favorites in February," MnDOT announced Thursday. 

To submit an idea, click here

Right off the bat, Minnesota can steal from the Snowbegone Kenobi pun and go with its own "Snowbegone Trail," after the Wobegon Trail, of course. 

Among the hilarious submissions tweeted to MnDOT are: 

  • Superspreader
  • Ron Ploward
  • Kent Brrrbek
  • Justin Moresnow
  • Halloween Blizzard 1991

Other names we were able to fire off in a group chat (rather than actually working) are:

  • Plow Bunyan
  • Mississippi Shiver
  • Slush Hartnett
  • Sleet Martha's
  • SNOWVID-19
  • Snowronavirus
  • Duck, duck, gray truck
  • Tim Plowlenty
  • Snow Mauer
  • The Miracle on Ice
  • Duck Duck Gray Truck
  • Squall of America
  • Har-Mar Scooper-Star
  • Glare Walsh
  • Purple Reindeer
  • Bobsled Dylan
  • Do Not Pass-ive Aggressive
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin, Minnesota
  • Tom Sleigh-Man
  • Brock Sled-snar

Scotland also came up with a name for its entire fleet of plows, and the only obvious choice for MnDOT's fleet is clearly The Mighty Trucks. 

We can imagine MnDOT is going to get a ton of ideas, so have at it! 

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