'Scary morning': Flying truck part smashes through woman's windshield

The close call happened Friday on Highway 55 near St. Cloud.
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Authorities in central Minnesota are looking for a truck missing a part — because that part almost killed a woman near St. Cloud.

According to a Facebook post from the Belgrade Police Department, the woman was driving on Highway 55 on Friday morning when a flying object smashed through her windshield:

"This could have had a bad ending," the department wrote. "Thankfully there wasn’t anyone in her passenger seat."

It's not clear what the part is, but a couple of Facebook commenters speculate it may be a mud flap bracket. 

Whatever the case, police want to talk to the driver of the "unknown truck" it came from.

Anyone who was on Highway 55 at the time and might have seen something is asked to contact Belgrade police at 320-254-8282.

Unsecured loads — a term that describes any loose debris that falls from cars or trucks — are indeed a serious issue. 

A 2016 report found that accidents caused by flying debris had increased by 40 percent over the previous 15 years.

The results can be devastating; a report from AAA found such crashes cause hundreds of deaths and injuries every year. 

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